STM32H743IIT6 OpenH743I-C with CoreH743I

STM32H7 Development Board for STM32H743IIT6 OpenH743I-C with CoreH743I & Modules from Waveshare

How to implement TouchGFX from ST

Here you can purchase STM32H743IIT6

If you do buy the 7 Inch LTDC screen you can here find the complete code for setting the TouchGFX up with LTDC, FMC and DMA2D in the STM32CUBEIDE version 1.4.2 with TouchGFX version 4.14

The touch screen is working and you can jump direcly to develop in TouchGFX

working code set can be downloaded here LINK to DOWNLOAD

Just import to STM32CubeIDE and you are going ...

i did make the code so printf will go directly to the uart on the board so put in the cable and use your favorite serial software to get printf messages